The Dalai Lama on Self Defence

OWSA: India has been grappling with the issue of rising sexual crimes against women. How do you think the country can effectively fight this scourge?

Dalai Lama: Religious leaders can play a very important role in curbing crimes against women. Also, education and awareness is equally significant.

I think there is a big contradiction in our society. Ideally, men need women and vice versa. God created women for humanity. Even children bear closer relationship to their mother than their father which signifies the importance of women.

Thousands of years back, men and women enjoyed equal status. Both men and women would work together and there was no concept of leadership. But gradually, because of certain reasons, the male dominance emerged in the society which led to exploitation (of women).

We should not forget that men and women are equal pillars of humanity and they should be treated as such.

OWSA: Any message you would like to give to the young girls in India.

Dalai Lama: The idea of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to train school girls in martial arts seems a practical solution.

For self defence, young girls in India should learn martial arts like Karate. In the long run, education can be an effective tool in helping girls to stand up against sexual crimes.

Lower castes should pay more attention in education. They should particularly educate their girls. People who are well off should help the poor people in getting education.

Quelle: ONEWORLD South Africa, Oct 2014

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